An Afternoon Tea

Cultura e civiltà inglese..

Nell’ambito dello studio di cultura della civiltà inglese, dopo una serie di ricerche guidate e la produzione di power points, abbiamo deciso di mettere in pratica quanto studiato.

I genitori, informati, hanno contribuito alla realizzazione di questa esperienza, fornendo l’attrezzatura necessaria.


I had never had an afternoon tea ( or should I say “morning” tea? ) before…

On Wednesday 20th January, my class and I organized an “Afternoon tea”. Every student brought a cup and a spoon, while our teacher brought a kettle, some biscuits, some scones with mascarpone cheese and strawberry jam and various flavours of tea. I really liked the sandwiches with eggs and mayonnaise but I didn’t like the cucumber sandwiches.

At first I didn’t like tea but when I tasted the one with milk I changed my mind. It was a beautiful morning and I felt like an English lady.

It was a different lesson, more fun than a normal lesson!

I’d like to do it again.


Martina, Giorgia, Emily, Fiammetta, Vincenzo 2As


 Video made by Ambra 2As


Afternoon Tea